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To download the custom ringtones you created using our app, enter the same email/ID you typed when you ran the app on your phone and select DOWNLOAD MY RINGTONES.

USING THE NEWEST VERSION OF iTunes? Apple has made some changes! Check out this article and pay attention to the bottom of the page where it says 'Move ringtones from iTunes to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch'

Help & Information

  • iPhone owners: Specify .m4r format. YOU MUST download ringtones ON YOUR MAC or PC, open them with iTunes then sync your iPhone!

  • Android, Windows Phone, Samsung Bada, and Blackberry users: Select .MP3 format. TO DOWNLOAD A FILE, RIGHT-CLICK on the down-arrow and select SAVE AS.
  • Select Share to send ringtones to friends. TIP: Create a ringtone for THEIR PHONE to play when YOU call THEM!
  • Ringtones are stored on our servers for about one week, but if you want to remove specific ringtones, click on the TRASHCAN symbol next to a ringtone. If your ringtone has been deleted, you can recreate it using the app.
  • iPhone users MUST download ringtones on their Mac or PC then open them in iTunes and sync. This is an Apple requirement. NO APP is allowed to install ringtones. To open a .m4r ringtone file in iTunes, EITHER double click on it or drag it into iTunes or right-click and specify 'Open With iTunes'. To change the default ringtone for all incoming calls on your iPhone, run the Settings app, go to Sounds -> Ringtone and choose one of the custom ringtones you created and synced. To change the ringtone for a contact, run the Contacts app, find the person, touch Edit and select Ringtone. Choose one of the custom ringtones you created with the app and synced.
  • If your ringtones don't sync to your iPhone, check to see if you have iTunes set to manually sync your music, etc. If so, in iTunes, you need to drag the ringtones to the picture of your iPhone, under Devices. Make sure you have the ringtone file saved to a permanent place on your computer, such as your Documents directory. Otherwise, if you have iTunes configured to NOT copy a file into iTunes when you open/import it, the ringtone will not be available once the original file is removed. BTW, this is the same as opening a Word attachment in an email without saving it. You should SAVE the file, THEN open it.
  • When assigning a ringtone to a contact, if the custom ringtone doesn't play, your cell provider might be transmitting Caller ID information differently than you have it stored for your Contacts. For example, you might have 123-4567 but you need the area code (and sometimes country code), i.e. "555-123-4567".



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