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SeasonsGet it on the iOS App StoreGet it on the Android Marketplace

Seasons is an entertaining game for all children and even adults. Great to be used in a pinch when you are waiting at a restaurant with a hungry child or keeping them happy while you get your grocery shopping done. The app will go through the four seasons and the child will be responsible for taking care of the outdoor chores as needed for each season. Children love to mimic adults and this allows them to mow the yard, water flowers, rake leaves, and shovel snow all with comfort and ease.

Aki Mahjong
Ambrosia Software

Aki MahjongGet it on the iOS App Store

Aki Mahjong Mobile was designed specifically for your iPhone or iPod touch, allowing you to enjoy Mahjong Solitaire anywhere. With iPhone features like gestures, you can shake to shuffle the tiles, and pinch to zoom in or out on the game board.

Mr. Sudoku
Ambrosia Software

Mr. SudokuGet it on the iOS App Store

Mr. Sudoku's unique and innovative interface lets you use a familiar input device to select your own personal digits! Simply use your finger to draw the number you want, and it's instantly converted into the actual number. A true casual game you can play whenever and wherever, yet dismiss quickly to take phone calls or send messages.

mondo Solitaire
Ambrosia Software

mondo SolitaireGet it on the iOS App Store

mondo Solitaire is the ultimate Solitaire experience for your iPhone or iPod touch. With over 100 games and over 200 different combinations of gameplay, you're sure to find your favorites, such as Klondike and FreeCell, plus many new games to discover, like Angkor Wat and Xerces.

Artwork Evolution
Artwork Evolution

Artwork EvolutionGet it on the iOS App Store

View, create, and mix new artwork and wallpapers. Images can be combined to evolve new images that adapt to your visual preferences. It is a unique creative experience that makes everyone an artist with the touch of a finger.

Photo Table
Artwork Evolution

Photo TableGet it on the iOS App Store

Multi-touch Slideshow and Collage Designer. Play with your photos on a virtual table. Tap, zoom, flick, rotate, and drag images around your table and share experiences with family and friends. Photo Table is a multi-touch interactive slideshow.

Wallpaper Evolution
Artwork Evolution

Wallpaper EvolutionGet it on the iOS App Store

Play and interact with abstract, psychedelic artwork and your photos on your virtual coffee table. The artwork is available in HD resolution and can be used as wallpapers for your device.

Hidden Creek

iMathGeniusGet it on the iOS App StoreGet it on the Android Marketplace

How often you've heard our kids are falling behind in Math/Science? Well, not any more if you check out this app and ask your kids to try it..... iMathGenius is a math test game which aims to improve a player's math skill by playing an interactive game. The math difficulty levels span from Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, up to Pre-College level. The types of the test include basic number operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division; number comparison; number serial; decimal and fraction operation; unit conversion; geometry; trigonometry; algebra; logarithm; numerical power and root. Advanced tests also include complex number operation; number set theory; statistics theory; linear and quadratic equation; simple derivatives and calculus; and probability theory.

Matt Lawrence

ShareMyAppsGet it on the Android Marketplace

Create a list of your apps with notes about them and send it to your friends! As seen in the NY Times! ShareMyApps makes it easy to share market links to your apps using several different methods. This is a great way to get friends with new android smartphones started. In addition to the ability to share a list of apps, you may also share the link to a single app by long clicking on it. Particularly useful for those times when you want to quickly tell a friend about a single app. Share methods include: e-mail Copy to clipboard Create QR Code Requires Barcode Reader Share with other applications which accept text SMS, facebook, google reader, etc... Ad Supported; An Ad Free version is available in the market.

Freelance Artist
Melissa Fuss

Freelance ArtistGet it on the iOS App StoreGet it on the Android MarketplaceGet it on the Windows Phone App Shop

I began working professionally in the game and app industry in 2008. My focus is 3D modeling and animation, used to create 2D and 3D assets from concept to release. I also use my background in fine art and film to edit trailers and demos for games.

Xenome Episode 1
Nine Pound

Xenome Episode 1Get it on the iOS App Store

Welcome to your first immersion into the Xenome Universe. A 3D Action/Adventure RPG that will have you struggling for survival as you unravel the mystery of who you are and what your purpose is.

AutoCrush VERSUS!
No Tie

AutoCrush VERSUS!Get it on the iOS App Store

Fun I'm crushing your head animated and automated app! VERSUS mode for Head-to-Head action!

AutoRingtone Text-To-Speech Ringtones
No Tie

AutoRingtone Text-To-Speech RingtonesGet it on the iOS App Store

Custom Text-to-Speech Caller ID Talking Ringtones using dozens of voices!

AutoVerbal Talking Soundboard
No Tie

AutoVerbal Talking SoundboardGet it on the iOS App Store

Award-winning AARP Silvers Summit app! Autistic & non-verbal users can speak using 100's of buttons & TTS!

Brighton Modular Calendar Schedule
No Tie

Brighton Modular Calendar ScheduleGet it on the iOS App Store

A MUST HAVE APP for Brighton Rochester, NY parents, students, teachers, faculty & staff! At-a-glance see and hear! which Day of the Modular Cycle 1-6 it is, plus customize what messages are displayed on each day! For example,

Ringtone Director Pro
No Tie

Ringtone Director ProGet it on the iOS App Store

A fun, creative way to create 100% custom talking ringtones!


Door2DoorGet it on the iOS App StoreGet it on the Android Marketplace

Perfect for Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and school fundraising sales. Tap to mark the location of a sale. Then, get a list or map of your sales to make delivering a breeze. Simply tap to mark delivered. Parents--track sales for each of your kids from a single phone by using the profiles feature. Saves time and reduces mistakes when making a sale. Lost sale sheets no longer mean disaster.


FearShrinkerGet it on the iOS App Store

FearShrinker is an iphone/ipad App for anxious children ages 4 - 8. Children follow Puffy the Fish to choose from a menu of fears, including the dark, new people/places, everyday events, separating from parents and more. They slide the feeling thermometer and practice a wide set of calming strategies. As Children calm, they begin to face their fears! Parents hand FearShrinker to their child to use, and can get a summary of their child's fears and self-selected strategies.

Call It! 3D

Call It! 3DGet it on the Android Marketplace

Create your own coins and start the 3D flipping action. Call it! Heads or tails! Call It! 3D is a coin flipping application with realistic 3D animation!


DroidelGet it on the Android Marketplace

Droidel is an Android version of the game of Dreidel. Dreidel is a game of chance played on the Jewish holiday of Chanukah.

Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and PrayersGet it on the iOS App StoreGet it on the Windows Phone App Shop

Thoughts and Prayers is a global prayer app for WP7 and iOS. People can post prayers for others around the world to read and pray for them. 
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